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Virtual conferences: Four ideas to run your own in 2021
PostedDecember 7, 2020byJohn Chilson

Chalk up another victim of 2020’s pandemic: conferences. For those who managed to squeak one in before March, good on...
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2021 – A Look Ahead  
PostedNovember 10, 2020byJohn Chilson

Many eulogies will be written about 2020. It has been a year of uncertainty as a pandemic swept a polarized...
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What Americans want in a home, new client, new home designs during COVID
PostedSeptember 25, 2020byJohn Chilson

Our Principal Carol Ruiz contributed an in-depth analysis for Urban Land last month on The America at Home Study. Spearheaded...
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Selling homes online, home communities (post-COVID), improving the retail customer experience
PostedAugust 13, 2020byJohn Chilson

Most of us order things online like shoes, books, or clothing, but how many of us have ordered a home...
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Homebuying during a pandemic
PostedJuly 14, 2020byJohn Chilson

We’ve been sharing some of the many media placements we’ve garnered by pitching the results and insights from the first-ever...
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Go tech or go home, model homes and grand openings, America at Home study
PostedJuly 9, 2020byJohn Chilson

Many builders have accelerated their digital sales programs by investing in tech apps to enhance the online sales process. For...
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New community grand openings in the age of COVID
PostedJune 12, 2020byJohn Chilson

Grand openings are a key tactic for driving interest and buyers to new communities. How has COVID-19 affected grand openings...
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Debut of BIASC New Homes Showcase Offers Powerful Online Engine for Direct Engagement Between Homebuyers and Builder Communities
PostedJune 5, 2020byJohn Chilson

The Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC) has announced a major new platform called the BIASC New Homes Showcase....
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Navigating Tough Times
PostedApril 20, 2020byJohn Chilson

During these uncertain times, it can be a comfort to talk to and learn from industry professionals who’ve weathered challenging...
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Working from Home … Since 2007
PostedMarch 23, 2020

o paraphrase Liam Neeson from Taken, our team, team, while equally rattled by the sudden changes, has a very particular...
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Tell Stories that Make an Impact
PostedFebruary 13, 2020byJohn Chilson

In this video, NewGround’s co-founders, Carol Ruiz and Robert O’Shaughnessy, showcase groundbreaking work, discuss the importance of storytelling and innovation,...
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When Clients Connect
PostedJune 21, 2019byJohn Chilson

Two clients, both passionate about all things real estate, have just released a fascinating and insightful podcast on leadership, culture,...
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