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Would you sleep in this treehouse? Of course you would! Source.

Outdoor living isn’t going away 

The share of homes built with patios hit a record high in 2021. Of the roughly 1.1 million single-family homes started in 2021, 63 percent came with patios. Outside living amenities clearly remain strong!

Size matters

Depending on the year a home was built, the air conditioning unit could use a checkup or the roof might need a little love. Perhaps a house is in great condition, but new technology has hit the market that the owner wants to implement. Home age does indeed impact the types of projects that homeowners prioritize, according to findings from the 2022 Houzz & Home Study.

We have very smart clients

The single-family rental market is booming right now. But what about the long-term? Read predictions in Professional Builder article by client Mark Wolf from AHV Communities.

There are treehouses … and then there’s this!

The Uhu is an incredibly beautiful tiny A-frame cabin perched 40 feet in the air on steel stilts. The exterior is all windows and angles, including a diamond shape on one side, but the interior is full of curves and cozy ambiance.  Getting to the cabin is a pretty cool experience: you climb an enclosed spiral staircase and once you reach the top, you cross a 20-foot bridge to get to the cabin’s front door.

Wellness and its role in making places great

 The pandemic made a lot of people rethink what’s important to them. Where they live, how they eat, what makes them happy (for one, eating simply and doing it outdoors).  Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki nails this in her newest column for The Builders Daily on wellness’ role in making places where people want to live life.

 We couldn’t have said it better so here are Teri’s words: 

Nobody invented wellness. As the chaos and disruption of the global health pandemic wanes into an endemic, health is the new wealth. And those of us involved in creating the spaces and places where people live their lives have a major opportunity to make a major impact.

 What kinds of spaces are you creating? 

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