Supply chain solved, cozy colors for fall, no housing drops

Doritos® transforms triangles all around us, invites fans on an epic hunt via new triangle tracker program.

Yes, the ‘supply chain issue’ is still a thing

Supply chain rockstar (trust us on this!) Ken Pinto walks readers through ways to mitigate the supply chain issue and how the building industry can solve historic problems and improve the supply chain forever.

Housing isn’t going anywhere (in a good way)

Sure, it’s an op-ed piece but some great points are made. Like this one:
…There’s still pent-up demand because over the years construction hasn’t kept up with population growth…”

Interior design tip: cozy colors

Want to know what colors make a living room cozy?  It’s not so much the colors as the tones you choose – this is how design experts answer the question.

No big drop in housing expected

Experts say it’s unlikely prices will drop in any significant way nationwide anytime soon. On a local level, individual markets might see prices come down, but experts say a big drop across the board is unlikely barring a big economic shift.

Buildings that go crunch

Through a new marketing campaign by Frito-Lay, people can currently utilize Snapchat’s augmented reality software to seek, scan, and convert triangular shapes anywhere, including buildings, into Doritos for the chance to win money and other prizes. (See our photo above!)

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