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The team at NewGround has been delivering successful public relations campaigns for nearly 20 years. Everyone here at NewGround is a strategic, critical thinker who understands how to launch, grow and maintain our clients’ reputations through the convergence of digital and traditional media.

Carol Ruiz


Past chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Residential Neighborhood Development Council (RNDC) Gold and current vice chair of RNDC Blue. Served on the NAHB’s National Sales and Marketing Council’s Board of Directors.

I’ve been in PR for more than 20 years and have worked with a wide ranging list of real estate focused companies, including architecture, development, land planning, home building, real estate finance and service companies. Some of my clients have included former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros and his company CityView; Tri Pointe Homes; MBK Real Estate, whose parent company, Mitsui & Co, is one of the world’s largest companies; AMCAL Multi-Housing; Gatehouse Capital, developer of the W Hotel and Residences on Hollywood and Vine; John Andrews Group Architects; and Boral USA, a leading manufacturer of sustainable products. I’m also an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and I was an instructor in the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles for five years.

And just for fun…

I once got lost out on the Pampas of Uruguay and almost ran out of gas while trying to find a restaurant. The more lost we got, the more we wanted that food. The restaurant was closing by the time we made it but they served us anyway. Determination pays off.

Fave drink: Wine. By far. No contest.

Fave place: Berlin is my favorite city because it is simply alive.

Katy Biggerstaff

Vice President

Best Dog Mom; Unofficial Queen of Long Beach;
#1 Auntie; Hostess with the Mostest

Fell into real estate PR by chance with my first agency job out of college. Twenty years later, I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s an addicting—and highly rewarding industry I’m grateful to be a part of. Started my career working with clients in commercial real estate and economic development, then moved over to more of a focus in residential real estate and community placemaking in 2011.

And just for fun…

I’ve lived in Long Beach my entire life and proud of the city where I was born and raised (3rd generation). I take my role as the unofficial “Long Beach Concierge” very serious!

Fave drink: Wine. Any glass. Any time (except when working, of course!)

Fave place: Munich has my heart.

John Chilson

Director of Content

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PRSA Portland Spotlight Award Winner: NEEA Seattle Streetlight Media Event
PRSA Portland Spotlight Award Winner: NEEA Reputation/Brand Management

Managing editor of a weekly newspaper, managing editor of a building trade magazine, digital marketer, social media and digital content creator, beer writer.

And just for fun…

I grow garlic every year and give it away so other people can grow it, too!

Fave drink: Mornings: Coffee. Evenings: Beer/bourbon

Fave place: Boston. History, beer, more history, insanely walkable.

Judy Stone

Account Manager

Unlikely dance mom, doting cat wrangler of Ozzie and Ace; Evil Queen presiding over her court jesters Jonah and Ilana (son and daughter) and Leonard (husband); always willing to take the 50/50 bet.

I’ve spent my career working alongside some of the biggest names in media, hospitality, entertainment, and retail. You name it, I’ve promoted it. I’m a seasoned marketing and PR pro, and I have worked in-house with companies like Wynn Las Vegas and MGM Resorts as well as in several agencies overseeing everything from event production to public relations. I’ve been with NewGround since 2023.

And just for fun…

I have a very specific plan of attack for Disneyland that enables my kids to get on every ride. No, I will not reveal my secrets.

Fave drink: There’s nothing better than that morning cup of coffee.

Fave place: It’s a toss up between New York and London. New York because the energy is unmatched and London because I love a good accent.

Annie Ruiz

Director of Operations

Annie spends many weekends as a soccer mom to her two boys but is also proud to hold the title of dog mom to her two little mutts. She’s on a mission to see all the national parks in the next several years (so far her favorite is Yosemite). Her favorite pastimes are cooking up new recipes, devouring books and finding new, beautiful places to hike close to home.

As Director of Operations, I make sure everything behind the scenes is running smoothly. Prior to joining NewGround in 2012, I was in charge of the Recruiting Department for 9 years at Green Hills Software, a highly sophisticated producer of operating systems and software development tools.

And just for fun…

I love animals and when I someday retire, I dream of running a rescue for senior dogs trying to find them loving homes to give them a lovely last chapter.

Fave drink: Coffee! My day can’t begin without the ritual of a hot cup of coffee!

Fave place: Yosemite National Park. There’s nothing like being surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty, being able to get out in nature and be absolutely unconnected from the world.

Christine Rombouts


Chef, entertainer, pretend gardener (ask her more), and collector of more than 1,000 sunset photos from 25 different places (mostly the beach).

I’m responsible for developing and executing media campaigns for a variety of clients at NewGround PR & Marketing. I have more than 15 years of experience as a public relations manager and work closely with all media—including trade, national, radio, TV and social outlets. I also have extensive experience working with trade publications that reach developers, builders, architects and specifiers. In addition to conducting media outreach programs, I research and write copy for releases, stories, posts and blogs. I also have extensive editorial experience. Prior to working as a public relations manager, I was an editor with Peninsula Publishing, Newport Beach, CA. I was responsible for all editorial content and layout, including color photography and articles for two homebuilding industry trade publications. My editorial experience also includes the Los Angeles Times and Tehachapi News.

And just for fun…

I have been working since I was 10 years old and got my start as a bus girl in my parents’ restaurant.

Fave drink: Paloma or margarita

Fave place: I love San Luis Obispo. I went to school at Cal Poly and I think the community is cute, quaint and so much fun. The beaches on the central coast are just beautiful!

Eric Podolsky

Account Manager

Writer, bass guitarist, Dad.

I’m a published journalist with over a decade of experience in PR, with 6+ years in commercial real estate.

And just for fun…

I’m a pop culture savant—I can name the release year of any movie (if familiar with it).

Fave drink: Manhattan

Fave place: New Orleans has all you need: the best food, culture, and (all-night) live music scene.

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