New community grand openings in the age of COVID

Grand openings are a key tactic for driving interest and buyers to new communities. How has COVID-19 affected grand openings during the past three months and what will they look like moving forward?

NewGround Principal Carol Ruiz, joined by Wick Marketing’s Barbara Wray, Lisa Parrish of Team PMP, and Cindy Lo of Red Velvet Events, discussed creative ideas on how to successfully launch the opening of new home communities, virtually and otherwise, as the economy slowly opens up.

To watch the webinar click here.

Carol’s key takeaways to having a successful grand opening, whether that’s virtual, in person, or a hybrid of the two include: 

  • Ensure your event is newsworthy. Most local reporters will be covering breaking news (so much breaking news these days) and won’t be interested. Develop a hook to get press interested.
  • Engage in a memorable way. People buy homes based on emotion—help them picture themselves living in one of your new homes.
  • Use word of mouth. Create an event that gets people talking beforehand so they can share on social or text to friends.
  • Use social media. Sure, a powerful way to create that buzz beforehand—but also after the event.

When COVID-19 hit, builders went into crisis mode, hunkered down, and looked at operations, and many scaled back. The good news is that builders are starting to come out of that crisis mode and are thinking about how they can promote new homes. A successful grand opening is that first big impression that will help them achieve that, from offering roaming magicians for those waiting in line to passing out branded face masks and hand sanitizer to home shoppers.

Watch to learn more from these dynamic homebuilding PR and marketing professionals on fun, creative and engaging ways to connect with new homebuyers!

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