When clients connect

Call it synergy, or perhaps it’s our decades-long experience in the homebuilding and real estate industry, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Two clients, both passionate about all things real estate, have just released a fascinating and insightful podcast on leadership, culture, and the state of the industry.

Matt Slepin of Terra Search Partners hosts an esteemed podcast called Leading Voices in Real Estate. Slepin interviews leaders in the real estate industry on building strong teams, on cultivating a lasting corporate culture, and on what it takes to win investors and customers. We’ve worked with Slepin and his company for years. In his most recent episode, Slepin interviewed Larry Webb, CEO of The New Home Company—also a NewGround client.

Webb talks about lessons learned in his career and his “lessons-learned” approach to business and to forming of The New Home Company. Current and future leaders in our industry will find much to appreciate here. We encourage you to have a listen and to share with friends and colleagues who may also enjoy.

You can find the podcast here. You can also find the podcast on Apple, Google, Stitcher or anywhere else you like listening to podcasts.

And in case you haven’t heard, podcasts are growing in popularity—16 million people in the US are “avid podcast fans” according to Nielsen. We’d love to help you with yours. Get in touch!

NewGround scores big at Super Bowl

The game itself? Meh. The ads? Some better than others.

One ad that stuck out for us was the Budweiser ad that featured the cutest dog ever, the famous Budweiser clydesdales, wind power, and Bob Dylan.

Here’s where it gets even cooler: our client Tejon Ranch, provided the land and backdrop for the commercial. Though the windmills were digitally added everything you saw was real, from the stunning mountains, open wide valleys and big blue sky.

This provided an amazing PR opportunity for us as well. Working with local and national media, we pitched the idea about Tejon Ranch and the numerous commercials shot there over the years. The challenge: nothing could run before the big game (there are some intense NDAs when it comes to big productions like this) so we had to be careful in how we pitched the story.


Hours after the Super Bowl we knew the extra effort was worth it: first up, a huge piece in The LA Times, followed by a front-page piece in the Bakersfield Californian (a key media outlet for our Kern County-based client), followed by articles in publications ranging from MSN to Bakersfield Now, among others.

It was a huge win for us.

Too bad the hometown team didn’t fare as well.

Get in touch if you want to learn more on how we can help your next campaign.

News for the week of October 9, 2017

Welcome to NewGround's bi-weekly roundup of news about real estate, homebuilding, design trends—and the occasional client win.


Guess who's discovering the suburbs?
For the past decade it was assumed that Millennials were shunning the suburbs for city living because, well, cities are cooler. Turns out that's only partly true. Bloomberg columnists share their insight on how Millennials are not only discovering the suburbs, they're helping drive the resurgence. Takeaways: Millennials not buying homes a few years ago "was more the product of economic hard times than an expression of changing tastes." Also, they still want city-like amenities like walkable neighborhoods. Take note.

How to build strategic relationships
Are you looking for partnerships for your brand or company to increase awareness and credibility? (If so, we can help!) Learn how to get more out of your strategic partnerships and develop strategies that drive conversations, buzz and ultimately leads. Read about three ways to successfully do this on our latest blog post.

Clients in the news
It's always a high-five moment when our clients get a mention in the media (thanks to our stellar PR team, of course). Here are some recent successes:

  • How do builders overcome land scarcity? In Southern California, it's all about being creative, flexible and persistent.  Steve Cameron from Foremost tells Globest.com how.
  • TRI Pointe Homes is expanding its footprint in Northern California by opening a new division in Sacramento.
  • Are single-family rental communities becoming a thing? AHV Communities is leading the charge on a new single-family home rental community in the San Antonio, Texas area. 

Client sings praises for new logo by NewGround PR & Marketing

NewGround proudly announces the launch of a new logo and updated brand look for Opera Depot.

NewGround has added branding + identity work, including logo design and development, to the agency’s service offerings. We are proud to announce the launch of an updated logo and entirely new look for Opera Depot, an outlet for music enthusiasts to find rare and historical opera recordings. 

Opera Depot founder Andrew Whitfield explains, “When I created a label for historical opera recordings, I didn't know much about branding but I did know that I wanted it to have a combination of classical and modern. This logo achieves my vision very elegantly by incorporating the winged helmet of a Valkyrie (made famous by Bugs Bunny) with the clean and contemporary look. It was very important to me that the logo be more evocative than literal so that it wouldn't come across as cliché, and the team delivered.”

Visit www.operadepot.com to see the new logo.