The Builder’s Daily is recommended reading

In case you haven’t already read it or subscribed to it, we want to share something that John McManus launched a year ago: The Builder’s Daily. (And if you haven’t subscribed, do it now… here

So, why subscribe? We’ll let John explain: 

The Builder’s Daily is a data-driven media company dedicated to serve key stakeholder interests in real estate and construction’s value chain. Through daily insights and our solutions-focused program agenda, we cover single-family for-sale, for-rent, and multifamily market-rate and affordable development, finance, policy, and construction.

Sure, there are plenty of industry newsletters out there on the market – many that flood your inbox every day. But honestly? Do you really read each one? The Builder’s Daily is the one you’ll read as John and his staff research, report, and collect the smartest, most insightful building news you need to stay up to speed in our industry. 

As the saying goes: But wait! There’s more! And there is: The Builder’s Daily is more than a curated list of news – John and his staff have also collected some of the industry’s brightest minds with their TBDVOICES series, as well as profiles of industry players and influencers. 

One example is a series of posts by Ken Pinto, the author of “How Much is The Milk,” and founder of Kenzai USA. 

If you’ve read Ken’s posts, he’s all about supply chain and the building industry. He knows his stuff. Don’t believe us? Read all of his posts here. (If you thought the homebuilding supply chain had problems before Covid, you’ll want to read his posts right away.) He offers real insight and solutions to battle supply chain issues. 

Ken is just one part of a group that knows our industry. And as John says on the website: 

We believe solutions and opportunity for building and real estate are possible through community, and we plan to develop, nurture, and enrich a community as a solution for housing.

We think he’s succeeding.  Subscribe today. 

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