Boomers boomin’, 3D neighborhood walks, Murders in the Building

Building for Boomers …  booming

The pandemic crushed the senior housing market, cutting occupancy rates and stalling construction. Now, as the market begins an uneven rebound, developers are adapting to the coming wave of aging baby boomers with a new crop of living developments. Developers of luxury projects are betting on larger units, sophisticated design and amenities, and a heightened focus on social engagement and active living.

Using 3D to walk through lost neighborhoods

Seven decades after it was razed to do away with what the federal government deemed “urban blight,” there’s now an interactive 3D reconstruction of Downtown LA’s Bunker Hill neighborhood.  The presentation gives users a sense of what was lost when the area was razed decades ago. Very cool.

Old buildings hit show (and Steve Martin!)

You’re watching Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building, right?  Though it’s filmed at the nearby Belnord, the Arconia building in the Hulu series seems much more closely linked to the Ansonia—a real-life apartment complex that’s been home to murder, mayhem, and a swingers club.

5 Home Upgrades for 2022

With fewer homes on the market—and those that are often older houses, given supply chain issues disrupting new home construction—people are spending more to renovate what they’ve got (or recently bought). So, what are some of the biggest costs people are incurring? Here’s a glimpse, based on a Houzz survey.

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