News of the Week: 5/30/18

Want to sell homes to Millennials? Learn their language—and what they want. 

Building for Millennials

Sick of the narrative that Millennials are going to rule the housing market, have very specific needs, and builders have to change their way of thinking to succeed? Well, you better buckle up because it’s just the beginning. According to a recent report from John Burns, new homebuyers born in the 90s (feel old yet?) want things like a farmer’s market in their communities. They want organic, unplanned, authentic, and experience-based amenities.

For us, here’s the key takeaway from the report:

Boomer masterplan developers still don’t understand millennials. Their marketing tries to entice us with their version of cool. 

Ouch. Yet, true.

Introducing a sexy, new way to promote your new community

And that would be? Billboards. Wait, what?

Don’t discount the old-fashioned billboard.  It’s true. They really never went away, they work, and now with digital tech, they’re back. Strategies like digital activation and geotargeting are being deployed for entertainment brands and celebrities for sure, but how do builders get a piece?  We have some ideas. Want to brainstorm? Get in touch.

The power of Instagram

If your CEO ever asks “what’s the deal with Instagram?” read on. This piece profiles a woman with a passion for old homes (she’s also a former preservationist). She started a property listings website “centered on the mystique of vintage homes” then started posting pics of old homes, then added prices. From there, fans followed and business is booming. It’s visual, passionate, and authentic.

Clients in the news

Here are some recent successes from our mighty PR team! (We don’t like to brag, but…)

NewGround was extra excited to work with the John Burns team on this Builder magazine article about the highly successful Otay Ranch by Baldwin & Sons.

Congratulations to our client, Pardee Homes, which just opened its first all-solar community near San Diego. Read more about this endeavor in SoCal Real Estate.

Here’s an interview with TRI Pointe in Builder magazine. Even though they were founded during the economic downturn, it hasn’t kept them from becoming one of the country’s top builders. It’s a great story.

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