Insight from NewGround’s leaders: How to succeed in 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s 2018. How do you use new marketing and PR tactics to grow your business, be a better communicator, connect with customers, and create a brand that makes your customers want to keep coming back? 

We looked no further than our own experts and leaders here at NewGround for their thoughtful insights and advice on how you can rule 2018: 

Carol Ruiz, principal

While a press release is still a viable PR tool, it’s taken a back seat to one of the most valuable skills a PR pro can master today — the art of storytelling. Reporters are busier than ever and it’s harder to get their attention. A compelling story that captures their attention and gives them a good jump start on an article is invaluable.

Robert O’Shaughnessy, president of marketing and digital services

Be direct. What do you have, why should people care, and how much does it cost. Then use all the tools 2018 presents to be sure that your message is found by your audience. Know how to look at metrics to understand whether what you are doing is working or should be refined.

Jamie Latta, vice president of content marketing/social media

My advice for 2018 is to do the work when it comes to content marketing and social media. There is no magical unicorn that’s going to deliver your brand to superstardom. I’m a planner. Therefore, I believe in planning to be successful. Know your audience (set up a social listening platform) understand that they are human beings and create stories that speak to them. Then go to them – they will not magically come to you. Focus on setting clear and achievable goals and track your progress. I understand that this sounds really simple.  Have a plan. Have a talented team of storytellers in place to implement that plan.  Measure the success every month. Repeat. Grow.

Katy Biggerstaff, director of public relations

In 2018, make it a goal to take the time to really get to know reporters and editors at the news outlets important to you and your audience. Pick up the phone, meet them in person. Pay attention to the stories they write and provide relevant useful information. To earn news coverage, don’t just pitch your projects or products but take the time to be a resource too. Be authentic. Success will come when the relationship is mutually beneficial.  

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