Adventures in Matchmaking: Brand Partnerships That Deliver (Long Walks on the Beach Optional)

“I’m here to talk to you today about a wonderful new synergy. All you have to do as the writing staff is incorporate positive mentions, or “pos-mens,” of G.E. products into your program. – Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

Synergy. It’s right up there with “cutting edge” and “changing paradigms” as one of the most over-used words in marketing. And, when 30 Rock makes fun of it (years ago, even), you know it’s jumped the shark.

Kidding aside, synergy isn’t a joke. The word may be overplayed but its actions are still relevant, especially when it comes to building relationships. We understand the importance of where your brand’s need to intersect to produce content and buzz that benefits both parties. We look for overlapping strategies between brands and find a platform that will drive conversation and buzz for all parties involved, including events, media outreach, and original content.

Here are some examples of how:

Big brands mean big news. Boral teamed with Green Builder Media and Walt Disney Imagineering’s VISION House in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot Center to showcase the latest technology in green building and demonstrate that the sustainable home of the future was available now. By partnering with these big hitters, Boral increased consumer awareness (foot traffic of over four million people over three years), while consumers associated them with the best in sustainability and innovation.

Charities and events.  Latitude 33, a beach-inspired condominium development located near Venice, needed to change public opinion about the project’s transitioning neighborhood. We organized a fundraising benefit for Heal the Bay and arranged a strategic partnership between Angeleno magazine and Latitude 33 for the benefit event. By teaming up with the publication, Latitude 33 aligned itself with the right target demographic (affluent professionals) and got press. Mission accomplished.

Urban living meets street art. The Hollywood, a 54-unit, ultra-modern condominium development in the heart of Hollywood, also a transitional neighborhood, needed an image change. To promote the new development, NewGround developed a partnership with Angeleno, this time to host an Underground Art party in The Hollywood’s two-level subterranean parking garage. The space was transformed into a vibrant, art-centric venue by internationally known graffiti artists who had been invited by Metro Modern to cover the walls with murals. It was heavily attended and helped attract a young, home buying audience.

We have the vision to be matchmakers, amplify your brand, and tell your story through partnerships. EPCOT and roofing materials? Yep. New condo development and non-profits? Absolutely. Urban art and urban living? Oh, yeah.

Get in touch with us. We’d love to find the perfect partnership for your brand.

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