Four ways we use brand journalism (and four ways we can help you)

Intro: Brand journalism is powerful and combines ideas, storytelling, marketing, and relationships. 

How powerful is it? Seventy percent of respondents in a recent poll say content marketing makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company.

Our background is in PR, journalism, film, and marketing. Here’s how NewGround uses this experience in brand journalism: 

  1. We create powerful content, including podcasts, videos and photography to tell our client’s story and connect them to their base (let’s use Tejon Ranch as example).
  2. NewGround has been on the other side and we understand what content the media wants and how to build trust with them. We help them do their job in a busy world. 
  3. We leverage our employee’s (some former journalists, all great writers) experience in telling a story while understanding brand journalism best practices. 
  4. We aren’t trying to sell – we’re telling a story and building trust through content that resonates with an audience (e.g., millennials don’t want talking heads – they want a story).
  5. We are strategic about our content. To the core. Every photo, video, post, tweet, has to come back to our goals with clients.

Get in touch. We’d love to tell your story.

Client sings praises for new logo by NewGround PR & Marketing

NewGround proudly announces the launch of a new logo and updated brand look for Opera Depot.

NewGround has added branding + identity work, including logo design and development, to the agency’s service offerings. We are proud to announce the launch of an updated logo and entirely new look for Opera Depot, an outlet for music enthusiasts to find rare and historical opera recordings. 

Opera Depot founder Andrew Whitfield explains, “When I created a label for historical opera recordings, I didn't know much about branding but I did know that I wanted it to have a combination of classical and modern. This logo achieves my vision very elegantly by incorporating the winged helmet of a Valkyrie (made famous by Bugs Bunny) with the clean and contemporary look. It was very important to me that the logo be more evocative than literal so that it wouldn't come across as cliché, and the team delivered.”

Visit to see the new logo.